DC Modern Quilt Guild Dues for July 2015 to June 2016

Pay your DC Modern Quilt Guild Dues for July 2015 to June 2016

Upcoming Meetings and Events

  • Upcoming Meetings and Events with the DCMQG
  • July Field Trip on July 25th to Finch Sewing Studio. Shop is open from 10a-5p. Bring some sewing.
  • Retreat 1: August 14th-16th at the Blue Mountain Retreat Center near Harper's Ferry
  • August meeting--August 29th from 10a-4p at Patches Quilt Shop in Mount Airy
  • Retreat 2: Nov 20th-22nd at the Blue Mountain Retreat Center near Harper's Ferry

Friday, June 26, 2015

June update

The meeting on June 20th at Falls Church Episcopal went very well.  The space was large, bright and had plenty of tables (once we found them) and chairs.  Members that were present agreed that it was a great space with good parking.  The board will discuss having more meetings there for ease of scheduling.

August retreat slots open!  There is still one slot open for the retreat in August, two day pass slots open and no one on the wait list.  If you are interested, refer to previous emails for links to sign up for retreat.  There is plenty of space in the November retreat.

We now have two entries for our guild logo contest.  Did you enter?  Did you want to?  Deadline is July 1st!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pouches, pouches, pouches!

We recently finished up the pouch swap, and if you have been checking Instagram, you will have seen some incredible works of art.  First off a huge thank you to Susan for organizing the swap, assigning partners and generally keeping tabs on all of us.  Thank you, Susan!

On to the bags!  There were all sorts of bags/pouches...lots of variations on the zipper pouch theme...

The sewists that created these wonderful bags were Kristina, Melinda, Megan, Wendy, Tanya, Dana, Jamie, Cassandra, Bridgette, Anna H, Sarah, Nisha, Susan, Meli and Leah.

There were also several sew together bags...
Theses lovelies were created by Heather, Carolyn and Brandi.

And then there were several pouches that I think of as specialty bags (made by Robin, Melanie, Lynne, Linda and Alyson)... for crocheting, art supplies, knitting, wet swimsuits and ...wait for it....dog treats! 

Such great stuff!  Fun to make, fun to receive...and the goodies too!  I hear that the next swap will be pillows, and can't wait to see what our talented guild members will make.  Will you be in next round?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Quick Check in on Charity Projects

Hi friends! For those of you coming to the DC Modern sewing day tomorrow, we are going to do a quick charity quilt project, similar to the one Jess from Quilty Habit describes here. Participation is not mandatory, but doing so will enter you into a drawing for a small prize!

Also, I am still collecting pillow cases as discussed in this post here. You could bring some extra yardage to the meeting and whip up one or two between other projects!

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Heather

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sewing and Shopping -- Join us this weekend!

We've got a big summer weekend planned with sewing in Falls Church and a shopping trip out to Gooba Designs in Burke, VA. Read on for details below and we hope to see you there!  


The sewing day is this Saturday, June 20th at the Falls Church Episcopal Church on Lee Highway in Falls Church, VA.  Bring your machines and current projects and sew the day away with us from 10am until 5pm. Since it’s a new venue for our group, here are some important details about the church:  

Location:  The Falls Church Episcopal is located at 115 East Fairfax St., Falls Church, VA  22046; this is near the large intersection of Rt. 29/Lee Hwy and Rt. 7/Leesburg Pike in the heart of Falls Church City.

Parking:  You’ll want to approach the church grounds from the south on East Fairfax St. and there is a small parking lot directly across from the church on the south side of East Fairfax.  You can access this lot from Douglass Ave. and you’ll see little signs that say “Church Parking” even though it’s not totally obvious that it’s a church lot at first (the larger paved area is shared by lots of other commercial buildings in that area).  See map below:

Room:  We’ll be in the Nicolson Hall/Auditorium on the left side as you look at the map of the church; this is closest to the intersection of Lee Highway and East Fairfax St.  

Entering the Building:  I’ll have a key to the door closest to the Nicolson Hall but most other doors around the church will be locked.  The door isn’t clearly marked but we’ll leave a rock in the door to prop it open while people are arriving and unloading their things.  It’s the first unmarked door that’s off a little path as you walk through the grassy church grounds.  When coming in and out of the door, please try to leave the rock in place so the door doesn’t lock behind you.  Thanks! See the Google street view image below:

Equipment:  Please make sure to bring an extension cord and/or surge protectors with long cords to plug in your machines.  There are only a handful of outlets around the room and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem but I wanted to let people know not to forget their extension cords! And, as usual, bring cutting boards and irons to share if you can. Thanks!

Food and Drink:  Phew!  Now that we’ve made it this far we can focus on other things!  Like sewing and lunch.  ;-)  There is a little kitchenette (and bathroom) right off the room where we’ll be sewing.   The church staff has let me know we are welcome to use it.  So!  If you’d like to bring anything to eat/drink for lunch, that’s totally fine.  Otherwise, we are very close to several options for lunch.  There are lots of short-drive choices on Rt. 7 in Falls Church and there’s also a few things walkable from the church (off the top of my head, what I’m thinking of is a nearby plaza with a Caribbean Plate chicken place and a Dunkin’ Donuts if you need a coffee fix).  And, as always, if people feel like bringing snacks and such to share, please do!

Questions?  Email me at dcmqgvp@gmail.com !


And on Sunday, June 21st, we’ve been invited out to Burke, VA to shop with Kristin of Gooba Designs!  You may have read this post about one of our newest business members.  You can check out her Etsy shop from the link in the sidebar.  And, as our luck would have it, Kristin and her family are moving in July and she needs our help to relieve her fabric load!  If you’re happy to oblige, join us between 1pm and 5pm this coming Sunday.  After seeing the great little fabric bundles (see pic below!) and Aurifil thread sets she had at the Denyse Schmidt lecture, I know I’m excited about shopping her inventory!  If you think you may try to make it out to Gooba Designs for this shop stop, email me at dcmqgvp@gmail.com and let me know or comment below.  Then I’ll send you the address of Kristin’s home so you can find the fabric.  Kids are welcome if you need to bring them along while fathers are at home catching a siesta for Father’s Day!  

Email me at dcmqgvp@gmail.com with any questions and we hope you can join us for at least one or both quilty adventures this upcoming weekend!  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Guild Logo and Shirt Designs

It is June 14th.  As of yet, I have received no logo/shirt designs. (Including my own design--I live with me and still haven't seen myself submit my idea.)  So, I wonder if I've taken the time to describe how a design for our new logo can be submitted.

You can:
  • send a hand drawn picture by snail mail
  • email a scan of a hand drawn picture
  • email a pdf or jpeg file of your design
  • put your design in a folder marked "top secret!" and give it to me at the next meeting 
  • Do carrier pigeons still exist? 
  • I will even accept a logo design strapped to a pot bellied pig delivered to my front yard.  
The important part is that you submit something.  The new deadline is July 1st.  The prizes are a free guild t-shirt, a free guild tote and a $50 gift certificate to one of our business member shops.

So get out your crayons and your pencils!!